Aerospace Training Academy of South Africa is proud to announce its funding partners who are dedicated in funding studies for students who cannot afford SELF FUNDING for their studies. Below are partners that are working with us in order to assist you with your funding needs.

Important Information: Before you can proceed with applying for funding at one of our funding partners below, kindly make sure that you have already been approved to study at ATASA and you have already received acceptance letter from ATASA.


Click Image to Visit Student Hero Website
Click Image to Visit Student Hero Website


Do you want to invest in your future self but do not have the funding available upfront? We’ve got you covered. Financing makes education more affordable by spreading the payments over a longer term. ATASA has partnered with Student Hero to assist our students to learn more about, applying, or simply seeing how much funding they qualify for. Student Hero is South Africa’s largest student finance facilitation service, an initiative aimed at helping students to be their future selves sooner. Finalize your application now! Or connect to Student Hero on WhatsApp here:

Under the auspices of the Herosphere, Student Hero and Study Loans 4U have joined our incredible forces to form South Africa’s largest student finance facilitation service, an initiative aimed to help more students to be their future selves sooner. With now more than 10 years of experience, we are able to make learning about, applying or pre-qualifying for study funding from South Africa’s leading educational finance providers trouble-free, worry-free, for free. In addition to joining our experience, we are also consolidating our web domains and client management systems. In light hereof, please do not be alarmed if your dedicated agent alternates between brands during your application process, you remain in the same safe and capable hands.

Student Hero partners with educational institutions and funding providers to help you to learn about, apply and qualify for study funding from a single platform and at zero cost to you.

Student Hero consists of a league of professionals, each being a specialist in their field, which means our advice is holistic, our solutions are creative and our value is unmatched.

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Click Image to Visit Manati Website

Our partnership with Manati allows for each application to be individually assessed based on the applicant’s ability to afford the monthly repayments.  Manati has more lenient credit and affordability criteria compared to traditional funding providers.  They also consider joint household income (spouse, partner, or family members that are employed) to help bridge the affordability gap.


Unlocking student loans to support tertiary education!!!

Manati Alternate Student Funding (“MANATI”) is a student funding organisation that is committed to providing greater access, achievement and affordability in tertiary education.  Through unique partnerships with universities, colleges, corporates and government, we are able to offer low-interest study loans that make further studies possible for the vast majority of students who would otherwise be unable to afford or secure the necessary funding.

Our goal is to help grow a smart generation of young South Africans – enabling them to access the education they need to become integrated, skilled professionals that can make a significant contribution to society.

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The Manati Team email address for application inquiries:
The applications Team WhatsApp Number for application inquiries: 062 350 4727

Manati Alternate Student Funding (Reg. No. 2015/235473/07) is a registered credit provider: NCR CP8052.