The Aerospace Training Academy of South Africa has a division that is solely focused on providing aviation industry organisations with solutions to operational challenges they might come across. Our consulting services include but are not limited to the list below. These consultancy services are carried out by qualified personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills in their respective aviation fields.

Customer specific training

This service basically means that we do any specially requested training that suits the specific needs of the customer and thus we develop the necessary material for specific training that a customer may need. We also design work programs to train the customer and their employees to work more efficiently in the aviation industry, hence productivity levels and efficiency improves within the company. Such programs help produce extremely effective personnel that will serve in the aviation industry. This service is tailor made for the specific needs of the customer to ensure that lack of expertise is minimized, leading to higher productivity.

Needs analysis

This programme analyses performance deviation gaps within aviation organisations and thereafter develops programmes that will help increase productivity levels in these organisations.

Quality Assurance Services

ATASA offers quality assurance services for organisations to assess any weaknesses in their systems and help them improve on their weaknesses, and with this service, comes an operational quality system, which ensures that companies provide quality services to their clientele as well as to the aviation industry as a whole. ATASA also develops quality assurance systems for our clients to ensure that their services are of a high standard and that they operate optimally. This is to ensure that companies comply with requirements of aviation industry regulatory boards.

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