Below is a list of projects that we have recently completed and some we are still currently busy with. This includes both private entities and public entities. The list further serves as a reference for our work.







  • Category: Aviation Consulting – ATASA is currently appointed and serving as a Consultant for Council for Geoscience Aircrafts contract for a period of 3 years.

Geoscience Reference: Frans Moshoeu (Procurement Specialist) – 012 841 1250 








  • Category: Business Development – ATASA is currently appointed by g-Fleet Management to conduct a customer satisfaction survey on their behalf. Kindly see the attached notice for confirmation. CLICK HERE






  • Category: Travel Services – ATASA Has been appointed to arrange travel services inclusive of flight and accommodation to g-Fleet Management. The Service has been completed successfully.

Gauteng Dept of Roads and Transport – G-Fleet Reference: Thulani Mkhwanazi (SCM Sub Directorate) – 011 372 8641